Stainless Steel Flag Tether and weight

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Keep your flag tethered to your pole.  Helps to reduce stress on your flagpole and gives your flagpole a clean look even in windy conditions. For use with flagpoles with halyard (rope) systems (telescoping or sectional) or to fly flags at half staff with a telescoping pole.  Kit comes with a stainless steel tether with beads and lead free weight. 

Made from Stainless steel, Fits all Service First Flagpoles.

What is the benefit of a flagpole tether?

  • Alleviates stress on your flagpole
  • Keeps the flag close to the pole giving it a clean look

How to use your Flagpole Tether and weight

A tether can also be used to fly a flag at half staff on a telescoping flagpole.  Here is a short video on that: