Orion 6' Premium Wall Mounted Flagpole

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Introducing the New 6’ Orion Wall Mount Flagpole.  The Orion is built from the highest quality materials.  1.5” diameter aluminum pole, stainless steel flag clips, high strength 180 degree adjustable mount and includes our premium 3‘x5’ sewn and embroidered USA flag.  The Orion also carries our double-sided “Honoring Our Veterans” Badging.  It is the perfect accessory to every home.

This PREMIUM wall mount flagpole is built to withstand the harsh elements and keep that like new finish.  Available in both anodized black or silver, both carry our 10 year no-fade warranty.  The Orion has 360 degree no tangle nylon clips which will keep your flag hanging correctly all year long.

  • Premium construction and materials
  • 1 1/2" 2 part Aluminum Design
  • 12 Gauge strength
  • Silver or Black Anodization
  • Adjustable 11 position wall mount
  • Gold Ball Finial
  • Optional Solar Light and Gold Eagle
  • "Honoring Our Veterans"  Plaque
  • 360 Degree Swivel Clips
  • Stainless Steel Flag Clips
  • Premium 3x5' Sewn & Embroidered USA Flag
  • 6' Size

**there is a $9.97 shipping charge on the Orion Flagpole

We also offer our exclusive  wall mount Solar Light.  This light is Li-ion powered and will charge during the day and illuminate your flag properly during the night.


Orion 6' Wall Mount Flagpole Installation Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jeffrey Chann
Best in class flag pole

I have gone through many wall mounted flag poles, some spinner poles, other carbon fiber. All break, or bend.

This Orion 6' pole is massively thicker and beefier than anything I have had before. Including the hardware. The simple flag clips are stainless steel, whereas all other brands sell aluminum which oxidizes and turns black, these won't.

Just really pleased with everything, even the finial is 2 times the size of others.

Gerald Herr
Highest quality I have ever seen

Just got my wall mount flag pole....from packaging to product this is quality. Everything is quality, instructions and the Flag itself..never saw a flagpole like this before..it's really a bargain, the most I ever paid but I highly recommend Service First for their flags....made my day..Jerry V. Herr

David Stott
Now THAT’s a flagpole

I was hesitant to pay this much for a flag pole having bought all the cheap crap at Lowe’s and Amazon only to be disappointed. But holy sh*t!!! THIS IS A FLAGPOLE!!! What a quality piece of product this is!!! You can’t go wrong with this one. And quick ship and WELL PACKAGED!!!

Jim Holmes
Excellent Wall Hanger

I received my Orion Flagpole and Solar Light the other day and have it installed between the garage doors. I love it. One thing however, I had to adjust the pole to the 4th angle from the top ... otherwise the flag would tangle on the pole. Yes, the 'No Tangle' flag holders would tangle. I preferred the third angle as that was perfect and I could walk under the flag. Now without thinking, my head hits the flag. Nothing I won't soon get used to however. Otherwise, this is an excellent product and puts the normal flagpoles from the local box stores to shame. OoooRAH!

Very Pleased

I ordered the Orion Flagpole Kit and am very pleased with the quality and ease of installation.