BUNDLE 30' Delta SECTIONAL "Freedom Edition" BLACK (Pole, Light & Flash Collar)

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What do I get ?

  • 30' Freedom 11 Gauge Sectional Flagpole
  • Li-Ion Solar Power Flagpole Light by Service First
  • 14" Matching Flash Collar to finish off your flagpole.

Easy, Do-it-yourself, Service First Flagpole kits.  Set up in minutes! (DIY setup takes approximately 35-45 minutes!)  FEATURING OUR SERVICE FIRST™ 11 GAUGE WIND RESISTER DESIGN!

Flagpole Kit comes complete with 

  • - Freedom Edition, "Honoring Those that have Served" Plaque
  • - 10 year no fade Electrolytic plated black coating
  • - No Rust (anodized type II) sectional flag pole (11 gauge aluminum!)
  • - Sectional Poles use a Rope/Halyard System
  • - Compare our 11 Gauge poles to our competitors thinner 16 Gauge
  • - PVC Sleeve for easy mounting and set up. 
  • - Gold Ball Finial 
  • - All necessary hardware/ Rope and halyard
  • - Instructional packet
  • - 2 7/8" Diameter (73mm OD) Tapered Design
  • - FREE 3 x 5 Printed Polyester American Flag
  • - Tested at 100 MPH Wind
  • - Set up is complete in minutes! Ever wanted a flagpole in your yard, but didn't want to go through the trouble? This kit is perfect for you!

INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: Flash collar, Solar light

Solar Light

The Service First Solar Light is different then most.  It is engineered to be brighter, last longer and have an extended battery life.  The perfect solution to keeping your flag lit.

Solar Power Panels Recharge Your Light During the Day, and High Power LEDs Illuminate Your Flags at Night! 

Light Specs:

  • 48 Outdoor Rated LED Lights
  • 3V/2200mAh Lithium-ion Battery
  • 3V/100mAh Solar Panel Charging
  • Fits 1/2 finial stem, no tools required
  • Photo sensor enabled.  Light up automatically at night
  • 10-12 hour light time

Flash Collar

Finish off your Flag pole with the perfect accessory.  This Flash collar will give your flag pole the perfect finishing touch! Built from high strength aluminum.

Installation Video:

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Randy Fried

Highly recommended!

Brian Glass

Very happy with my purchase. It seems very sturdy

Trent M

Box was missing the end and gold ball was gone. Company sent me a new one.

John B

I loved my 30 Foot Flag pole when I recieved it. Looks great. I bought a huge 10x6 cotton Flag which might have been to heavy because we had a bad storm about a year after I bought it and one of the sections bent a little. When it fell the Solar light that I love fell and broke and I was like what do I do. I contacted **** at Old Glory and he was so nice and helpful. He said send me pictures and I did and he said we will send you new ones in a few days. Can you help with shipping. I was in shock that a company would back their warranties so easy and fast. I am going to buy more for my 10 acre yard to fly my Veteran, ***** and American flags all over. I am a customer for life now. Thank you Old ********************** and ****. You are a genuine company with values. Which is so hard to come by anymore. This time I am buying the nylon flags.

Charles M

I love my flag pole. (30' Freedom Edition) I've wanted a flag pole for several years just didn't want to spend the money on something that didn't feel strong enough. I saw the ad for a veteran owned business and immediately wanted to look a little deeper. As a ************ veteran I am always willing to support my fellow vets. The shipping did not take very long and I received my order even faster than I had expected. The customer ********************** is outstanding even with the simplest questions. I typed my question into the chat and, to my surprise, received a reply almost instantly with a pleasing outcome. The flag pole is looks great and I even received a compliment from a neighbor (Army Veteran) before I even had it set in its sleeve. I love how amazing it looks having my Old Glory flying over My ************ banner. It really suits me and I couldn't appreciate it more.