Service First Dream Flagpole Christmas Tree Lights

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**Dream lights can ONLY be found on Service First or Old Glory Flagpole websites.  If you see them on other websites, they are a scam company and you will not get the Dream lights. 


Service First has created a top of the line Christmas Tree conversion kit for your flagpole.  We have only used the highest quality components giving you the best in performance and durability.  

Dress your flagpole up for Christmas and create a beautiful holiday display in your yard. The Dream light is a high-end Christmas light with multiple light displays and options. Comes with everything you need including a storage case.  Works with all Flagpole types up to 30' in height. Flagpole not included.  The Dream lights have 8 different solid color options and 9 different pre-programmed light shows.

**Due to package size there is a $19.97 shipping charge on the Dream lights.

How much space do I need?

You can set your lights up however fits best for you.  You can have a narrow tree or a wider tree.  We do have some recommendation to achieve a nice look: 

**These are approximate numbers and may vary depending on sleeve depth and installed pole height. 

Star Topper size: 11.6" X 14.2"


 See the below Video for more information about our Dream Vision Flagpole Christmas Tree Lights



  • 8 Color options: warm white, cold white, Red, Green, Blue, Teal, Purple, multicolored

  • 9 different pre-programmed light displays
  • Star topper- white color



  • Fits any brand Flagpole, any size up to 30'
  • Remote Controlled
  • 110V UL Certified
  • Nightly automatic on/off Timer
  • IP 44 Waterproof
  • Comes with padded storage/carry case
  • Star Topper included
  • 45 LEDs per strand/14 strand design
  • Top of the line ultra bright DREAM LEDs
  • Adjustable size.  Make a thin or wide as you would like
  • Light Stands can be cut to the desired length.  Fits up to 30' Flagpole.