Solar Power Flag Pole Light

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Solar Power Flag Pole Light Topper by Service First™

The Service First Solar Light is different then most.  It is engineered to be brighter, last longer and have an extended battery life.  The perfect solution to keeping your flag lit.

Why do we use Li-ion batteries:

  • Li-ion batteries charge faster then traditional batters, so when there is less light during winter days the light will still charge
  • Li-ion batteries are lighter in weight.  The less weight on the top of the flagpole the less stress on the flagpole.
  • Li-ion batteries have less battery "memory".  This means that the battery doesn't diminish in power over time if it not fully discharged before recharging again.  Perfect for a solar light.

We use Li-ion batteries in our solar light.  This type of battery charges faster during the day and will last longer during the night.  Perfect

Solar Power Panels Recharge Your Light During the Day, and High Power LEDs Illuminate Your Flags at Night! 

Light Specs:

  • 48 Outdoor Rated LED Lights
  • 3V/2200mAh Lithium-ion Battery
  • 3V/100mAh Solar Panel Charging
  • Fits 1/2 finial stem, no tools required
  • Photo sensor enabled.  Light up automatically at night
  • 10-12 hour light time
  • Available in Black and White

After installation, This light turns on automatically at dusk and shuts off automatically at dawn! Easy to install!

Designed and built to last and to shine brighter than the competition, with the longest battery life in the residential market!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Mathew Trageser
Perfect light for nighttime

Love the light on the flag. No need for a ground spotlight.

Solar powered light

I really like the looks of that!

Chirs Gross
Favorite evening pastime

The whole package, the flagpole, the eagle, the light it’s a 100% improvement on my yard and how I feel. Thank you guys!

craig stevens
the best

never had a flagpole and my first pole i love it so i got a 2nd one we got for the front yard.

Steven L

Very pleased with the quality and ease of the product. Feels quality and the battery life is very impressive compare to other solar products we have owned.