Why Service First Products?

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Service First™ is more than just our name. It is our far reaching philosophy that inspires the way we conduct our business, approach our community, and strive for progression. 

My name is Parker McCumber, and I'm the owner of Service First Products™. I started this company with the simple goal of creating a higher caliber of residential flagpole and accessories that allow anyone to showcase patriotism and the things they are passionate about supporting. 

Our mission is simple. 
At Service First Products™ we believe that everyone should be able to afford a quality residential flagpole kit so that they can showcase their patriotism and support for the things they are passionate about. 

Prior to our founding, we saw a problem with how veterans, service-members, and law-enforcement officers were unable to afford to fly the colors.
They could either cheap out on a flimsy flagpole that was sure to break, or they would be unable to afford a flagpole that would last. 

I set out to solve that problem, in honor of the men and women that I have served with in the military, and the brave individuals who had gone before us. 

We manufacture and provide the best value flagpoles and flagpole accessories  in the residential market. They are stronger, more reliable, and better looking than our competition. We pride ourselves in being able to provide higher quality products at more affordable prices through efficient operating practices and our Service First™  mindset. 

Professionalism, Patience, and putting People-First are the 3 Ps (pillars) of Service First™. 

I know that we could not have grown to the point that we have without outstanding support from patriots like you who have rallied behind our cause. I want to thank you for that support, and let you know that I look forward to serving you with the best residential flagpole kits for many years to come! 

Best Regards, 

Parker McCumber
Service First Products™

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