BUNDLE 20' or 25' Delta TELESCOPING SILVER (Pole, Light & Flash Collar)

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What do I get ?

  • 20' or 25' Delta 11 Gauge Telescoping Flagpole
  • Li-Ion Solar Power Flagpole Light by Service First
  • 14" Matching Flash Collar to finish off your flagpole.

Easy, Do-it-yourself, Service First Flagpole kits.  Set up in minutes! (DIY setup takes approximately 35-45 minutes!)  FEATURING OUR SERVICE FIRST™ 11 GAUGE WIND RESISTER DESIGN!

This is the Delta Pin-Lock Telescoping Flag Pole.  Available in 20' and 25' heights. 

All Kits come with everything you need including:

  • - No Rust Anodized Pin-Lock Telescoping flag pole (11 gauge aluminum!)
  • - 18" PVC Sleeve for easy mounting and set up. 
  • - Telescoping poles feature 360 degree swivel clips
  • - Compare our 11 Gauge poles to our competitors thinner 16 Gauge
  • - Pin-lock secure locking system.  Not a twist lock that fails
  • - Gold Ball Finial 
  • - 2 7/8" Diameter (73mm OD)
  • - All necessary hardware to fly 2 flags
  • - Instructional packet
  • - Flag Tangle-less swivel design
  • - Tested at 100 MPH Wind
  • - 3 x 5 Outdoor American Flag
  • - Set up is complete in minutes! Ever wanted a flagpole in your yard, but didn't want to go through the trouble? This kit is perfect for you!

INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: Flash collar, Solar light

Solar Light

The Service First Solar Light is different then most.  It is engineered to be brighter, last longer and have an extended battery life.  The perfect solution to keeping your flag lit.

Solar Power Panels Recharge Your Light During the Day, and High Power LEDs Illuminate Your Flags at Night! 

Light Specs:

  • 48 Outdoor Rated LED Lights
  • 3V/2200mAh Lithium-ion Battery
  • 3V/100mAh Solar Panel Charging
  • Fits 1/2 finial stem, no tools required
  • Photo sensor enabled.  Light up automatically at night
  • 10-12 hour light time

Flash Collar

Finish off your Flag pole with the perfect accessory.  This Flash collar will give your flag pole the perfect finishing touch! Built from high strength aluminum.

 This Delta pole has been tested at 100+ MPH winds.  If you are looking for a flag pole that is going to last this is the one for you.


Looking to have the traditional rope system on your telescoping pole?  Just add the optional Halyard kit to your Flagpole Bundle. Additional $39.98

Link to the halyard kit:  Halyard Kit

**What is a Halyard kit?  The Halyard kit replaces the 360 degree swivel clips on the pole with a traditional Rope System.  So instead of lowering the telescoping pole to remove the flags you would have the flags clipped to the rope and lower that.

Flying a Flag at Half Staff on a Telescoping Flagpole:


If you have an existing flagpole you are replacing and it has a smaller diameter we offer a Flag pole adapter that will allow for the larger pole without tearing out your old ground sleeve.  More information can me found on this product in our accessory section. (click here to view)

Learn More about the Delta Telescoping Flagpole:

Installation video:

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

Great and very good quality. Very easy to install and I’m happy to have purchased from Service First.

Chris Morris

I live in KY and this past week we had storms with 75-80 mph gusts of wind (according to local news) my flag pole swayed and moved in those winds and is just fine after, straight and true as its been for about 2 yrs now. Thank you Old Glory!

Andy Lore

Just put my new flag pole up yesterday. It is awesome.


I have had this flagpole up for a few months now and have decided that this flagpole is far superior to any other flagpole I have owned. The telescoping rings are amazing for preventing tangling and honestly I think they just look better than a rope and pulley. It is more expensive than some other Amazon poles but I genuinely do think the quality is far above and beyond. You get what you pay for with this flagpole for sure.

Gary Fenner

Looks like a great flagpole so far. We live in a windy neighborhood and so far it’s holding up well.