20' or 25' Delta TELESCOPING Flagpole (Silver)

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About the Flagpole:

Easy, Do-it-yourself, Service First Flagpole kits. Built to withstand 100 MPH WIND!  Set up in minutes! (installation takes approximately 35-45 minutes!)  FEATURING OUR SERVICE FIRST™ 11 GAUGE Aluminum design.

This is the Delta Pin-Lock Telescoping Flag Pole.  Available in 20' and 25' heights. 

All Kits come with everything you need including:

  • - No Rust Anodized Pin-Lock Telescoping flag pole (11 gauge aluminum!)
  • -18" PVC Sleeve for easy mounting and set up. 
  • - Telescoping poles feature 360 degree swivel clips
  • - Compare our 11 Gauge poles to our competitors thinner 16 Gauge
  • - Pin-lock secure locking system.  Not a twist lock that fails
  • - Gold Ball Finial 
  • - 2 7/8" Diameter (73mm OD)
  • - All necessary hardware to fly 2 flags
  • - 20' & 25' Length 
  • - Instructional packet
  • - Flag Tangle-less swivel design
  • - Tested at 100 MPH Wind
  • - 3 x 5 Outdoor American Flag
  • - Set up is complete in minutes! Ever wanted a flagpole in your yard, but didn't want to go through the trouble? This kit is perfect for you!


Looking to have the traditional rope system on your telescoping pole?  Just add the optional Halyard kit to your Flagpole Bundle. Additional $39.98

Link to the halyard kit:  Halyard Kit

**What is a Halyard kit?  The Halyard kit replaces the 360 degree swivel clips on the pole with a traditional Rope System.  So instead of lowering the telescoping pole to remove the flags you would have the flags clipped to the rope and lower that.


Flying a Flag at Half Staff on a Telescoping Flagpole:

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIESFlash collar, Solar light and Gold Eagle Finial

Learn about the Delta Telescoping Flagpole:

Installation Video:

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Tom B.
Great flagpole!

I'd only recently started researching flagpoles as I finally had property where I could install one. What I found was that the typical "heavy-duty" poles sold were 16 gauge aluminum, which is about .05 thick. The 11 gauge 25' Delta pole I bought here is almost twice the thickness, which will do much better in the winds we get in northern Arizona. I did dig a larger hole, and used about 350 lbs. of concrete, so it's not going anywhere.

I happened to have a yard light nearby with 110v power, so I mounted a 4000 lumen LED light, it just gave a lot better illumination at night.

Very pleased with the end result!

Harry Meek
Awesome flagpole

We bought this telescopic flagpole in the USA and shipped it to Cerro Auzl, Panama with are household goods. We have one of the few if not only Service First flagpole in Central America. So glad to support my fellow Veterans. Very nice product, thank you again.

Great system

It has been several months since I put up a 20' telescoping pole with the adapter for the ground for my WWII father. We were looking at breaking up the pad his old pole was in and with the adapter it worked great. His neighbors are all excited to see the pole and flag go back up since his old one was destroyed during a wind storm. I am looking at changing my old flag pole out and will be using the adapter as well. Thanks for an awesome product.

Charles Trump
Great flagpole

Put up a 20' telescoping pole 1 month ago. Very happy with it. Easy to install, performs and looks great. A fine addition to the outside of my home. Would recommend this product, to anyone thinking about putting up a flagpole.
America, first and always!

25' telescoping flagpole

I really love this flagpole! it survived 80 mph winds atop the hill and did not bend or break. My neighbors pole broke that night and he was down the hill from me. Very high quality. The storm shredded the 4'x6' flags which I replaced the next day. the power was out for days and the only street light was the light at the top of the pole. A very good investment, I will buy from y'all again. Thanks